Armed robbers in broad daylight bullion van heist

A group of daredevil armed robbers has reportedly carted away millions of Ghana cedis from a bullion van conveying cash for CAL Bank.

The robbery operation on the Spintex Road, Baastona around 3.30 pm, according to a police report.

The Police Service reportedly received a call about the ongoing robbery being conducted in the full glare of onlookers.

It is believed that the operation may have had elements of an inside job from the bank, given the circumstances to which the van was tracked, ambushed and hijacked. 

According to eyewitnesses, the bullion van was seen followed by a black Toyota Camry vehicle registered as GX 6337-14 which trailed it for a while before suddenly overtaking the van with heavily armed men jumping our to force the terrified driver of the van to screech to a halt.

The driver and one other occupant of the van, possibly an official from CAL Bank, reportedly jumped out of the van and fled into the nearby bush, abandoning the police escort to his fate.

The police escort was reportedly ordered out of the bullion van by the four armed robbers. They proceeded to beat up the police officer and ordered him to lie down on the road after they had disarmed him and taken away his gun.

It is believed that the registration number of the Toyota Camry is fake, used as a decoy to cover up the trail of the robbers who carted away an undisclosed amount of cash.


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