Gnashing Of Teeth As Remaining Staff Of GCNet Are Served Redundancy Notice

The Ghana Community Network Limited (GCNet) is undergoing its final phase of folding up as the remaining staff at the company have been served redundancy notices.

The notice which WhatsUp News has seen, in part, reads; “Per above, your employment contract shall be determined through redundancy. GCNet is hereby serving three months effective February 1, 2021. The effective date of your termination is April 30, 2021.”

About 50 staff are affected and they are said to be beside themselves with anxiety because the redundancy notice letters do not spell out redundancy packages. This is even though entitlement to redundancy package is enshrined in the Company’s Human Resource Manual Policy.

Some of the staff are already contemplating legal redress. 

Their apprehension is stoked by the fact that some of their colleagues who had earlier been laid off have still not received any redundancy packages.

It would be recalled that earlier on June 1, 2020, a notice of redundancy to about 147 staff of GCNet was issued, after the Akufo-Addo government had controversially terminated the company’s GCNet’s TradeNet and Transit Service contract on May 31, 2020.

To date, the company’s management has not paid off the first list of colleagues on the TradeNet and Transit side of the Company’s operations who were rendered redundant. This is despite an Arbitration Award in favour of the affected staff along with a High Court ruling upholding the decision of the Arbitration Panel using the National Labour Commission rules.

The Executive Management of GCNet with the full sanction of its parent company, SGS, had failed to abid


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