Michael Essien Throws One Punch For Gays And Runs Away -Loses 1 million followers overnight

Former Ghana Black Stars midfielder, Michael Essien, has shown what can be described as faint-hearted support for gay rights in Ghana, posting solidarity to the LGBTQI+ community on Instagram and then quickly deleting his post.

Essien’s post went; “We see you, we hear you, we support you. Our LGBTQIA plus community in Ghana. #Ghanasupportequality.” But it was quickly deleted.

However, his support was not allowed to be the flash in the pan that he had probably intended it to be as his followers had quickly copied and reposted.

Within a few days after posting his gay stance, Essien’s following on his social media dropped from 1.7 million to barely 600,000.

The post had accompanied wordings such as, “Ghana Support Equality” in large imposing fonts designed in the red, gold and green colors of the Ghana flag.

Many followers of the former Chelsea star, including musician, Wanlov de Kubolor had liked the post and given it thumbs up. Apparently, it was the repost of same by such adoring fans of Essien that made his quick move to delete the post later rather clumsily.

And so even though Michael Essien deleted his support for gayism in Ghana after he had posted on Instagram, it is already out there that he is a kindred spirit to the LGBTQI+ community in Ghana.

The community is currently facing the wrath of Ghanaians after they opened an office in Ashongman despite same-sex relations being illegal in Ghana.

After word went out about the office, there was uproar from the public. Soon National Security stormed the place and closed the office down.

President Akufo-Addo has since declared that he will never legalize same-sex marriage in Ghana.


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