Kan Dapaah Never Bonked Me …slay queen claims

Chantelle Kudjawu, the alleged slay queen whose affair with National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, swept the internet like wildfire last year, has claimed that she has only met her Sugar Daddy in person only once.

In what smacks of an attempt at plausible deniability, Kudjawu claimed in a defamatory suit against the wife of Jubilee House Spokesman, Eugene Arhin that she has also never had sex with Dapaah before.

She averred that she has “never had an amorous relationship with Mr. Kan-Dapaah”, adding that she has “met Mr. Kan-Dapaah only once in her life, with all other interactions being held purely on phone.”

The claim is in a defamation suit against Mrs. Gloria Assan Arhin, the estranged wife of Eugene Arhin who is asking for divorce on a number of grounds including spousal violence and Arhin’s alleged cheating behaviour.

Chantelle Kudjawu had been specifically named by Mrs. Arhin as one of the many girls that her husband slept around with. This is what has led to Ms. Kudjawu’s suit claiming Mrs. Arhin defamed her by referencing her as a cheating partner of her husband’s.

According to her, the video which made her famous; the one in which a randy Kan-Dapaah is seen wrapped around her finger and was acting the zombie at her command, was not what it seemed and that there is a backstory that the public does not know.

Mrs. Arhin, she claims, acted opportunistically by taking advantage of that video to smear her with her marital problems.

It is not known what the judicial court will rule, but in the court of public opinion, Ms Kudjawu finds herself on the wrong side of the jury. Already, trolls have gone viral in response to the claim that she never bonked Kan Dapaah.

The jury questions how Kan-Dapaah could have virtually modelled in his pyjamas and briefs for her if she has not been intimate with him. “And how do you explain Kan-Dapaah’s puny wishes that you were around to give him a tight hug, Madam?” one troll-maker posted on Facebook?

In the video, Dapaah is also heard sharing intimate details about his travelogue with Kudjawu even while preparing to enter a meeting of national security capos. H was reminiscing how he missed Kudjawu’s touch and intimacy. 

Chantelle Kudjawu even asked the National Security Minister to lift the hems of his pyjamas so she could inspect his boxer shorts.


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