Covid-19 Kills Popular Celebrity Photographer Bob Pixel

Reports coming in has it that Ghana’s popular photographer Emmanuel Bobbie, popularly called Bob Pixel has died from COVID-19 complications.

The photographer known for his trail-blazing stunning pictures of Ghanaian attractions fit for tourism conversions for Ghana gave up the ghost this afternoon.

He becomes the latest casualty of COVID-19 in Ghana, as death toll peaks at 588 people since March 2020 when the pandemic broke out in Ghana. 

Bob Pixel paved the way for high-quality celebrity and tourism-rated photographs of sights and sounds of Ghana. 

He has recieved countless awards for his work that has spawned an endless list of modern photographers putting Ghana on the World map.

His fellow celebrity photographer, Yaw Pare posted on his Facebook expressed his devastation about the news. 

Mr. Pare wrote: “I haven’t said much because I am at a loss for words!!!”


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