Final Year JHS Student Leads Gang To Beat Up Teacher Over Homework

The Kroma 2 Junior High School in Nungua has been closed down after a teacher was hospitalized because some students ganged up on him and beat him up to a pulp.

Mr. Moses Onyameasem was reportedly set on by the gang of teenagers for punishing his student, whose name is not yet known, over some homework that he had tasked the student with.

In response to the punishment at school, the student is said to have rushed home and mobilized a gang of friends and returned to the school to beat the living daylight out the teacher.

In the ensuing mob justice, teacher Onyameasem sustained swellings on his face along with a gush on his forehead that had to be sutured at the hospital.

According to reports, the student’s mother later followed up and also rained insults on the teacher even while the teacher was away at the hospital at the time.

Kroma JHS and other schools in the area have since been closed down until further notice, it is reported.


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