Legon HIV Positive Student Goes On Spreading Spree On Campus

A male student of the University of Ghana who is allegedly HIV positive is deliberately spread the virus on campus among unsuspecting female students, Whatsup News has gathered.

This is according to the news portal, which published a WhatsApp Messenger chat between the student and another student who is also HIV positive but is protestant of the behavior of the one deliberately infecting girls on campus.

“I eat some Twitter girl rydee for Evandy hostel. She tell ein boy for hostel say she dey go SU all night,” the spreader is captured in the conversation telling his mate.

“Go and get tested brother. Same excuse one girl gave to her BF to just come to see me. I’m positive now,” the protestant mate replied. To this, the student spreading the virus replies that he is already HIV positive and is on a mission to spread it because some other female student gave it to him.

“Me I get AIDS already I give am. Adey spread am for campus cos some pent girl take gimme.”

The name of both students are not known as the picture of the chat attached to’s story only captured the message body.


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