Trade Fair Boss Paid Bribe To Land Commission To Conjure Land Title Certificate

WhatsUp News is in possession of a trove of Board meeting minutes from the Trade Fair Company, which gives snapshots of dubious dealings by the CEO of the company, Agnes Adu.

Ms Adu, in September 2017 paid what appears to be a bribe of Ghc10,000 to some point man at the Lands Commission to have a land title certificate covering the Trade Fair lands conjured.

Consequently, until September 2017, the Trade Fair Company had no title to the Trade Fair lands.

The alleged dubious move was to give Agnes Adu the muscle to scuttle a Redevelopment Project Agreement between the Ghana Government and Reroy Group, sources have said.

Per the paper trail, a plan by Trade Fair Company to annex the Africa Lake also led to a fraudulent twenty (20) years extension of the expired lease by the Lands Commission. The same Lands Commission also fraudulently altered the Executive Instrument (EI) of the Trade Fair’s acquisition and edited out the protective clauses, the signed minutes of the Board suggests.

A Deputy Director of Communications of President Akufo Addo, Fatima Abubakar, also appears in aspects of the signed minutes of the Board as having solicited for funds from the defunct Ponzi scheme, MenzGold for the Trade Fair Company.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Trade Fair is also captured as having accepted unsolicited bids from companies including; Stone Creek, Omega Group, RNB Westport, Fidat Barcelona, Novaris and three (3) others to take over the controversial Trade Fair Redevelopment Project.

To ensure that the redevelopment project is taken from Reroy and given to these crony companies, the Trade Fair CEO, Agnes Adu even defied her sector Minister, Alan Kyeremanteng, and wiggled the company under the oversight of Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta.

This is after Ofori-Atta had in turn, sidestepped the Trade Ministry and appointed Agnes Adu as CEO even though Trade Fair falls under the Ministry of Trade and not the Ministry of Finance.

In a 13th April, 2018 board minutes signed by the Board Chairman, Daniel Mckorley [McDan], Dr. Agnes Adu stated categorically that she did not recognize the authority of the Trade Ministry, the mandate of the Minister of Trade nor the legality of the Agreement signed on behalf of the Government of Ghana for the Trade Fair Redevelopment Project and therefore set aside the Agreement.

This explains why the Trade Fair Company’s notes were missing from the handover notes of the Trade Ministry that were given to the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

During his vetting, however, Alan Kyeremanten confirmed that he chaired a Cabinet sub-committee set up by the President to look into the activities of the trade fair company and advised that the company ought to work with the Reroy Group, the company that won the International Competitive Tender to undertake the redevelopment project.

The Appointment Committee would need a copy of the Cabinet report to confirm what Kyeremanten has said.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister-designate, Ken Ofori-Atta in his expected vetting will be required to fill in the missing link on the trade fair company confusion.

This is because Dr. Agnes Adu’s vandalism of the Reroy Company’s contract is set to attract judgment debt on the Ghanaians government.

Already, it is clear that two law firms, including President Akufo-Addo’s own, Akufo-Addo, Prempeh&Co, wrote to Alan Kyeremanten warning him of the potential judgment debt over the issue.

The law firms have also since served notice to the Attorney General, doing on 31st March 2018.


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