Book Politics: As Haruna Atta To Launch Book On Mahama

Former Ghana Ambassador to Namibia and Botswana, Alhaji Haruna Atta, is gearing up to launch a book about former President John Dramani Mahama.

The book reportedly is titled, “Awhinipa Nkasa – Standing With JDM,” is going to be based on memorabilia from Haruna Atta’s work with former President Mahama.

‘Ahwiniepa Nkasa’ is an Akan aphorism which carries that one does not need to blow his or her own trumpet if they are of quality standards. 

This book is coming closely in the heels of a controversial one written by NDC founding member, Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi titled “Working with Rawlings”.  Prof. Ahwoi’s book has sent confusion through the main opposition party with some damning inside secrets he revealed.

Critics have hurled expletives at Prof. Ahwoi for what they deem was an ill-timed launch.

Incidentally, Haruna Attah’s book may douse some of the tension whipped up by Prof. Ahwoi’s book. 

According to available information so far, the book is a work of 331 pages and is made up of two parts – “The Homeland Briefs” and the “Diplomatic Briefs”. Though independent of each other, these two halves of the book are described by the author as being held together by the “Mahamarabilia” thread – a word he invented to describe his privileged propinquity the former President when he was in office.

The Homeland Briefs is said to have 42 chapters which highlight events of Mahama’s Presidency including, ‘Dumsor,’ ‘Gitmo 2,’ ‘Montie 3,’ ‘Cheating at Elections,’ ‘Lying and Blaming it on Mahama,’ ‘Destroying friends and Family and much more.

Part Two, has 25 chapters, and is devoted to the author’s diplomatic service and reads. It has been described as something that can be likened to a coursebook on practical diplomacy and a travelogue at the same time. 

“We come across his encounter with a sex change person (man to woman) and how his life was nearly cut short when his official car and ostrich crashed into each other on the highway from Windhoek to Gaborone. Part Two is so suffused with humour that it is difficult to tell whether he is pulling the reader’s leg or stating facts” went a blurb from a reviewer.


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