Nigerian Governors discussing Possible Evacuation of Citizens from Ghana

Nigerian authorities are looking at the possibility of evacuating their citizens from Ghana because the country reportedly too hostile for those stranded due to its traders being hounded by Ghanaians authorities. 

The revelation was made by popular publisher and entrepreneur, Chief Dele Momodu, of Ovation international fame.

In a Facebook video capturing a telephone conversation with a radio station in Nigeria, Chief Momodu reveals that he has personally been involved in the efforts to have Nigerian nationals evacuated.

“In fact, if I were the leader of Nigeria today, what I would do immediately is to order all those people, and make provisions for them; we are talking to a few state governors… Instead of waiting so things will get so bad and they will be killed. So get them back and come and settle them, because how much can you make in any economy that you will invest $1million,” chief Momodu said.

The source of the annoyance is the terror that he said the Police in Ghana is giving to Nigerian traders. 

Even though he said, that it is not good, he said the Akufo-Addo government has given the attacks on Nigerian shop owners a blind eye because elections are in the corner and the government wants votes to stay in power.

The alleged abuse of Nigerians in Ghana is in connection with the fact that the country’s laws require all foreigners to invest in the wholesale trade in Ghana and must invest $1million dollars to start such a business.

Nigerian traders and small shop owners are constantly harassed for doing retail business when the law in Ghana preserves retail business for only citizens. 

This has often resulted in altercations with Ghanaian traders that are often resolved by the Police. However, recently, the Police have allegedly gotten involved and are seen in videos manhandling Nigerians.

Chief Dele Momodu said the treatment was unfair and that the law that requires foreigners, especially people in the ECOWAS region, to invest $1million as start-up capital, makes no sense and that many Ghanaians in Nigeria and even in Europe and the USA are doing businesses without any such requirement.

“It is a protectionist policy. It is isolationist, it is protectionist and we had a heated debate on social media yesterday with our Ghanaian friends, there is no country that can ever make progress by saying “only for my own people.” Then don’t go anywhere, then tell the people to go back to their countries,” Chief Dele Momodu said.

He warned that Ghana’s economy is largely based on Nigerian investment and if Nigerians were to pull out, the Ghanaian economy would collapse. And this is seen by many as very true after the Akufo-Addo government collapse many Ghanaian banks.

Chief Momodu said he would not subscribe to calls from some Nigerians that Ghanaians in Nigeria also be attacked and beaten for the treatment that is being given their compatriots in Ghana. “It will just be injuring innocent people,” he said.

According to him, however, it is possible to hurt the Akufo-Addo government without harming ordinary, “fantastic” Ghanaians.


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