Lesbian Soldier Allegedly Caged

A female soldier of the Ghana Armed Forces, Staff Sergeant Vida Owusu, who is reported to have illegally conducted a marriage ceremony with her female lover has been caged in a military guardroom, Whatsup News has gathered.

Viral videos on social media show the female soldier in what clearly appears to be a lesbian wedding ceremony last Saturday at the military base at Michel Camp near Accra has sent Ghanaians complaining and accusing President Akufo Addo of inspiring such disregard for the legal restraints against open homosexual activities.  


Critics have cited the interview granted by President Akufo Addo to Aljazeera in 2017, where President Akufo was heard admitting that the socio-cultural norms in Ghana does not accept official homosexual relationships and that there was not a “sufficient strong enough coalition has emerged” to force the country into legalising homosexual unions.

President Akufo then prescribed that increased activism by homosexual groups is likely to sift the paradigm in Ghana for homosexuality to be legalised. He told the Aljazeera: “It is bound to happen…just like elsewhere in the world”.

After the viral video, Staff-Sgt Owusu had reportedly been interrogated by the military high command but she reportedly claimed the ceremony was rather a birthday celebration of her lover whose name is currently unknown.

The viral video shows Staff-Sgt Owusu, in a male costume, dancing seductively with her married partner, as guests cheered on.

In a supposed prenuptial ceremony, the couple was clad in Military combat fatigue uniform, something which has further muddied her case, as her supposed lover is not in the military and as such, civilians wearing official military uniforms are considered an illegal attempt at impersonation.


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