‘Killer’ Amewu, Apologizes For Promising To Kill NDC Members

John Peter Amewu, the Member of Parliament for Hohoe whose election is still the subject of a court case, has apologised for openly threatening to kill MPs of National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Appearing before the Appointments Committee of Parliament where he was vetted as Akufo-Addo’s nominee for the Railways Ministry, Amewu suddenly found an apologetic tongue, saying he is sorry for vowing to kill NDC members who would dare demonstrate against his election in Hohoe.

“I want to withdraw those words unconditionally. My constituency is watching me and Mr Chairman I am a peaceful man. The use of the words came out as an overreaction which is my negative aspect,” John Peter Amewu said.

He added, “The 9th of January was a black day in the history of Ghana’s democracy, Mr Chairman I used that word, I regretted it as I stood before this platform, I want to withdraw those words unconditionally.”

On that day, Amewu, who became MP because the Electoral Commission’s Chairperson, apparently connived with him to ensure that over 17,000 people in Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe were disenfranchised, vowed to kill NDC members and even MPs who dare to stage a demonstration against him over the illegal exclusion of the people of the so-called SALL.

“Tell them to come and demonstrate in Hohoe, they cannot dare, I will kill all of you,” John Peter Amewu had vowed.

And he stood by his words after making them on the night of 9th January until today, when he faced the Appointments Committee which is somewhat under the sway of the very NDC MPs he vowed to kill along with party members.

According to him, he is a peaceful man in nature who had only tripped out of anger after being hooted by NDC MPs.

It is unclear if he indeed meant the apology or he was forced to apologise because he has realised that the NDC has the final say in the Appointment Committee.

 Amewu’s eleventh-hour apology is similar to the apology offered by notorious gangster MP, Mavis Hawa Koomson, who led a group of thugs to a registration center to beat up NDC supporters, shot a gun and later boasted she wanted to prove that it does not take a man to be thuggish.

Meanwhile, John Peter Amewu did not apologize for making his personal gladiators beat the living daylight out of a court bailiff who had tried to serve him with processes concerning the court case over his controversial election.


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