A Close Read on the 2019 Digital Video Landscape

As young consumers grow dependent on YouTube and Netflix and Gen Z eschews sports content, The Hollywood Reporter offers exclusive data and a deep dive analysis of the trends shaping the digital media ecosystem.

To help the industry to better understand the changes to the digital landscape, The Hollywood Reporter teamed with the media measurement and analytics company Comscore.

Using Comscore’s March–April 2019 State of Digital Services report, THR created custom analysis and deeper dive into the digital video category and the generational variations that currently exist.

When surveyed, 80 percent of consumers report that “digital services are a necessary part of my life.” Most regularly use six or more categories of service and, on average, younger consumers (18-25) see more digital services than their older counterparts.

Further, 62 percent of consumers who consider digital services a necessity are “highly loyal,” claiming that they would “stick to their favorite services or brands even if another service might have more features.”



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