Reality Check: Gay Journalist Went To ANSECO, Not Ketabusco

Alumni of the Keta Business Secondary School (Ketabusco) has fiercely rejected any association with Ignatius Annor, a former journalist of Accra-based Metro TV, who came out of the closet to admit he was a homosexual.

WhatsUp News has found itself at the receiving end of outcry and anger from old students of the popular Business school based in Dzelukope-Keta, following the publication of the self-confession of Ignatius Annor.

The Alumni of KETABUSCO pointed out that Mr. Annor’s Alma Matter is rather the Anlo State School, also based in Anloga near Keta and not the business school as reported by Whatsup News.

The former Ghana-based journalist opened up about his sexual alignment to Accra-based JoyNews.

In a zoom interview, Mr. Annor revealed he had been gay while practicing his journalism vocation in Ghana but had pretended otherwise because he was afraid of the social and occupational repercussions in a country still very conservative.

He also announced he had become a gay activist while with his new media house abroad and advocated for the scrapping of laws that criminalize the gay lifestyle.


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