Deputy Speaker’s Supporters In Violent Brawl WithNPP Independent Candidate.

Supporters of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Joe Osei-Wusu, have been caught in a violent street brawl with supporters of an independent Parliamentary Candidate who wants to unseat the incumbent on the  Bekwai Constituency seat in the Ashanti Region.

Video footages circulating on social media, capture the supporters of Lawyer Akwasi Amofa Agyemang engaged in an exchange of blows in a number of open places, including a market place, where members of both sides at a point resorted to stones and sticks in the heat of the exchanges.

The footage WhatsUp News has seen was truncated and therefore the end result of the brawl is not yet known, but it can be reported that attempts were made by the brawling supporters to inflict maximum injuries on one another.

The emergence of the video on social media was apparently in response to Joe Osei-Wusu, who is also the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, denying that his supporters have been engaging in fights with the supporters of the independent Candidate.

Apparently, people who have been witnesses to the numerous battles between the personal gladiators of the Bekwai MP and those of the Independent Candidate wanted to put the narrative in a better perspective.

Mr. Akwasi Amofa Agyemang is an estranged member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) who decided to go independent after the party allegedly undertook machinations to ensure that Joe Osei Wusu is maintained as the NPP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Bekwai, which is a traditional stronghold of the NPP.

Allegedly, the incumbent MP finds the decision by Akwasi Amofa Agyemang as disrespectful and an affront to him. Also, it is believed that Mr. Amofa Agyemang has it within his propensity to cause an upset for the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament after he carried away a lot of loyal NPP supporters, hence the spell of attacks on the man and his supporters allegedly sponsored by the Bekwai MP.

This latest attack is coming in the wake of a similarly violent exchange between Presidential Staffer Charles Cromwell Bissue and George Mireku Duker, the incumbent MP for Tarkwa-Nsuaem.

The fight between the two saw Charles Bissue biting off the finger of the Mireku Duker, who in turn delivered a number of hefty blows to the face of Charles Bissue. The aftermath saw a swollen-faced Bissue lamenting his ordeal, while Mireku Duker was also narrating his side of the story to the media.

Apparently, Charles Bissue was reportedly sponsoring an independent NPP candidate against Mireku Duker.


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