Scramble For Money After Bullion Van Somersaulted On Hohoe Fodome Road

There was a money rush on the Hohoe-Fodome road today, after bullion van transferring money for Fidelity Bank, somersaulted several times and spilled its safe in an accident.

Commander of the Hohoe Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD),      

ASP Obeng Dickson, has reportedly said that out of GH¢710,000.00, the transporters of the money were only able to retrieve GH¢218,232 after the public took advantage of the incident and vultured the cash.

What is shocking is that, a motor rider who died from the accident was not given the kind of attention that the scrambling public gave the money.

The motor rider has since been identified as Raymond Dodzi. He met his untimely death when the bullion van knocked him down, in spite of the driver’s efforts to avoid a collision.

In fact, according to reports, it was in the drivers attempt to avoid the collision that the van somersaulting several times leading to its money vaults giving way.

The van which belongs to the Agate Dabot Company, had registration number GN7144-17. In addition to the driver, occupants included a cashier, and a Police officer.

They were transferring the cash from Ho to the Hohoe Branch of the Fidelity Bank when the accident occurred. According to reports, their best efforts to salvage the money however clawed back just a little over Ghc200,000 of the Ghc710,000 because of the scramble for the money by the public.

Those who first rushed for the spilt cash, also invited their friends and family to join in the blood money harvest, while the occupants of the vehicle and the motor rider who died on the spot, were mostly ignored.


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