2 Governing Party Moles Caught In Bedroom Voter Registration

Two people were today arrested in the Salaga North Constituency in the Savannah Region for illegally registering voters from their bedrooms.

The two are reportedly hard-core members of the governing New Patriotic Party. They were apprehended by an election vigilante group of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) called “Protect Your Polling Stations”.

According to reports, the two were caught with a Biometric Voters Register (BVR) machines which had been declared faulty and was sent to Damongo to be fixed.

However, when the machine was returned, the group said they noticed scores of new names had been registered in transit and during the time the machine was supposedly under repairs.

According to the vigilante group, they later found out that the machines had been slipped into the hands of the two arrested culprits as they typed away and illegally entered names into the machines.

The two have since been handed over to the Northern Regional Police Command, Whatsup News gathered.


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