All Charges Against NDC Vice Chair Dropped

The Kaneshie District Court has acquitted Alhaji Said Sinare, Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of charges that were brought against him after a New Patriotic Party mole in the NDC had attempted to frame him.

He had been charged with conspiracy to commit crime, to wit, procession of fire arms without lawful authority, and possession of firearms without lawful authority.

However, almost as soon as he was arraigned before the court, the prosecution dropped the charges realizing that the claims against Alhaji Sinare did not add up.

Tahiru Ahmed, the NPP mole who was the NDC’s Constituency Chairman for Ayawaso North until he was fired by the regional executive committee, now looks stupid.

It is not clear if the Police intend to charge him with the crime of deliberately misleading public officers, to wit the Police.

Ahmed had run to the Greater Accra Police with the concocted story that the National Vice Chairman of the NDC had given him a cache of AK47 rifles to be distributed to party members in the Northern region for the purposes of creating mayhem during the December elections. Ahmed had provided the Police with some of the guns.

However, it soon turned out that he was an NPP mole who had been planted within the Ayawaso North Constituency branch of the NDC. He had been an employee of Alhaji Sinare for eight years, serving as the ear and eyes of the NPP within the Ayawaso North NDC, it is said.

When Alhaji Sinare found out that he was a mole, he fired him immediately. This is what infuriated Ahmed into concocting the outlandish story that his former boss had given him AK47 assault rifles to be distributed in Northern Ghana.

The Police undertook due procedure, and invited Alhaji Sinare. Apparently, the investigator on the case was incompetent and so rushed to slap the charges in the afternoon only for the State to drop them in the evening in court.

“The charges that were brought to the court were not well-founded and so I’m sure the prosecution saw that there were some gaps in the charges and that is why they withdrew it,” said Abraham Amaliba, lawyer for Alhaji Sinare.

He added that, “Alhaji Sinare has got his freedom back. His liberties have been restored. Alhaji Sinare is now going to walk home a free man and that is what is important.”

Meanwhile, it is not clear if the Police still has in its possession, the guns that were said to have been provided by Ahmed as evidence to back his claim.

Now Ahmed must answer for those guns and many of the NDC supporters who thronged the Kaneshie district court in support of Alhaji Sinare never ceased cursing the disgraced NDC Constituency Chairman with vows that he will never be free until he produces the NPP people who gave him the guns to plant.


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