Revealed: DKM Ponzi Scheme Boss Is AN NPP Loyalist

- Campaigning for Interior Minister

The owner of Diamond Microfinance Limited (DKM), the alleged Ponzi scheme that was closed down in 2015, trapping monies of thousands of customers trapped, has popped up as Campaign Manager for the Parliamentary bid of Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery.

Mr. Martin K. Delleis trending busily on social media after pictures of him wearing an Akufo-Addo campaign shirt and leading a door-to-door campaign for Ambrose Dery hit the internet.

Many who have seen the pictures are shocked at the realisation that Mr. Delle has such links with the NPP. 

When his Ponzi scheme came crashing down in 2015 after the Central Bank had ordered it to stop taking deposits, the company was alleged to be owned by former President Mahama and his wife.

The ruling NPP which was then in opposition had used the DKM scandal to whip up anti-Mahama sentiments, with President Akufo-Addo joining in to accuse Mrs. Lordina Mahama, President Mahama’s wife, as a shareholder in DKM.

Mr. Akufo-Addo had also promised to investigate the scandal, retrieve the monies for stranded customers and prosecute the crooks behind the Ponzi Scheme.

As of September 2020, over 13,000 customers had not been paid with the aggrieved holding press conferences to accuse the government of reneging on its promises in opposition. 


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