Anaesthetists Threaten Strike Tomorrow

Anaesthetists in public health facilities across the country may embark on an indefinite strike tomorrow, their Association has said.
The Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists warns that their members will lay down their tool if the Medical and Dental Council does not abandon moves to demote them.
According to the group, the MDC is executing the demotion by changing their title to “Physician Assistants.”
A press statement they released claims that there is an ongoing “backdoor approach” to change the already existing bachelor of science anaesthesia degree awarded to certified registered anaesthetists.
They point out that such a change would violate the Health Professionals Regulatory Act, 857.
Apart from this, the Association contends that its members work under very strenuous conditions, are ill-equipped with the necessary tools and are also not well paid.
According to them, they have raised issues several times with the Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health Service but all their concerns have been ignored hence the decision to lay down their tools tomorrow if nothing is done about their plight by the close of today.


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