Corona Virus Halts Sino Hydro Master Project

The sector Minister for Roads and Highways has reported to Parliament that the first phase of the country’s infrastructural project being executed by Chinese company, Sino Hydro has stalled.

Mr. Kwesi Amoako-Atta explains that the US$646.6million project has been suspended because of the corona virus, aka covid 19 outbreak in China and escalation around the world.

“There are ten (10) major projects under this phase, we have cut sod for four (4), but the remaining six (6) have been stalled,” the Minister told the august house.

According to him, the suspension of the start of works is, “because of the Almighty corona virus.”

He points out that the suspension was unavoidable because the Chinese authorities have placed a travel ban on its citizens as a result of the corona virus outbreak.

The suspension is therefore indefinite, with the resumption of works being contingent on when the viral scare is tamed. Currently there is no vaccine or known treatment for the deadly virus which has killed thousands around the world.


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