Akufo-Addo’s Killer Electricity Bills Force Adaklu To Abandon Borehole For Dirty Water

Residents of Adaklu in the Volta Region, have been constrained to fall on dirty river water after exorbitant electricity bills forced them to abandon a community borehole.

The mechanized borehole draws water by means of electricity and in the past, the community had used it.

 However, following the sudden increase in electricity bills as part of the government’s attempt to recover the cost of supposed free water and electricity given Ghanaians as part of the COVID-19 relief program, the residents have been forced to abandon water.

The bills have shot up to as much as a thousand percent.

Before the free Covid-19 electricity the people paid between GHS5 to GHS10. However, after COVID-19, households are now presented with bills ranging from Ghc150 to 300.

As for the bills covering the community borehole, they have shot up to between Ghc1,700 and Ghc2,000.

Ghc2000 is a small fortune in that rustic community and so the residents have abandoned the boreholes and are drinking from dirty river and pond sources.

The Akufo-Addo government has announced a raft of taxes and increases in levies in the 2021 budget with the excuse that it needs to cover the freebies that it gave to the public during the outbreak of COVID 19.


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