US FBI Arrives In Ghana To Arrest Fraudsters

Following a Ghanaian fraudster calling the FBI in the US to report a collaborator of his in Chicago, the FBI is said to have arrived in the country to fish out the snitcher himself.

According to viral reports, the FBI recently arrived in the country after successfully arresting a certain Rulph Awuni, a Ghanaian based in Chicago Illinois.

It is not clear if Awuni, in return snitched on a supposed John Jacob, the Ghana-based collaborator who called the FBI from Ghana to snitch on Awuni.

Last week, a video of John Jacobs calling the FBI in the US from Ghana to report a federal offense went viral.

In his conversation with an officer of the Bureau, Jacob who had recorded the whole snitch from his end revealed he was the fraud partner of the said Awuni based in the US and that the two of them worked together to defraud many unemployed Americans.

He was calling to report Awuni because after defrauding Americans to the tune of almost US$10million, Awuni had greedily kept all the fraud proceeds to himself.

In his phone call to the FBI, John Jacobs stated: “I’m calling from Africa, and I have a friend in America, Chicago he used to steal people’s identity and I will file for unemployment. So when I file for unemployment he will receive the money and pay me my share and now he has all the money he doesn’t wanna pay me and I want him arrested.”

Jacob who gave Awuni’s number in the US as 6309986311, his address as 7730 Deer Street Apartment 1D, Woodridge, Illinois and zip code as 60517, said he was very upset because Awuni had refused to share the booty.

“I really want him picked up, he has stolen so much money from unemployed Americans,” he told the officer, adding, “we all grew up in Africa. He’s in the process to become US citizen.”

When asked how he managed to file for unemployment checks in the US after Awuni had defrauded unemployed Americans, John Jacobs said it was easy and that he cashed checks all over the US – Ohio, New York and Chicago, California, EDD, Michigan.

“He steals people’s identity and I will file for unemployment into different accounts and he will send my share. We share 50-50,” he explained the racket.

While reporting Awuni, Jacob had said he was aware of the implications of what he was doing and that he did not care because he was very upset that he had scammed people and then had himself been scammed out of the proceeds.


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