‘Too Much’ shares story of failed stowaway

‘Too Much’ of ‘Junka Town’ fame, has shared the story of how he underwent several trials in different courts after being caught trying to stowaway into Holland.

Speaking with DJ Adviser on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After Drive, he confessed that in Takoradi, for a lot of young people whose parents cannot afford proper education for them, their biggest dream is to somehow travel out of the country to seek greener pastures, thus around age 28, he, together with sixteen other guys, travelled to Ivory Coast to try to stowaway by ship into Holland.

He narrated, “We were sixteen boys. We each paid a hundred dollars for connection and they allowed us onto the ship. The trip was for 16days but unfortunately, on the 14th day, we were all caught so they put us in one room like a cell and in the next two days, we got to Holland”.

Too Much revealed that upon reaching Holland, they underwent court trial where they posed as Liberians so that at least, they would be sent to a refugees camp, however, that did not work because none of them were familiar with the Liberian language.

“Those who confessed to being Ghanaians were flown back immediately but for us who lied, we went through trial and cells severally from Rotterdam to Antwerp to France and even to Germany,” he said.

After lots of back and forth, coupled with fee-paying, he was finally deported back to Ivory Coast, where he boarded the ship, and through his own means, found his way back to Ghana.

According to him, a lot of Taadi boys have done successful stowaways and some of them who are now a bit stable financially, make frequent visits to Ghana and return to continue their hustle.

Source: etvghana


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