Minority Refuses to Vet Nominee for Akufo-Addo’s Strange Ministry

The Minority side on Parliament’s Appointments Committee, today sat out the vetting of a nominee for a so-described Ministry of Public Enterprises, pointing out it has not received an explanation as to what exactly that Ministry will do.

Ranking Member on the Appointments Committee and Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, explained the minority side will only vet the nominee, Joseph Cudjoe, after it has received an explanation from Jubilee House as to what the purpose of the Ministry will be.

“Mr Chairman, my application is before you, it is not my intention that we take sides in this national exercise but momentarily for honourable Cudjoe, our side will just sit and observe whilst we wait for clarity and better particulars,” Hon. Iddrisu said.

He added, “Even if it takes midnight with correspondence from the presidency we will be here to work. As we proceed there is no Ministry for Public Enterprises and our hands are tied because we should be assessing him based on the role he is going to play,” he said Tuesday.

The nominee, Joseph Cudjoe, has explained that his Ministry will ensure that Public Enterprises and Corporations run efficiently and effectively so they do not become a drain on government finances.

However, there already is a Ministry of Trade and a Ministry for Local Government that has in the past had supervision over public sector enterprises.

There is also the public sector enterprises Commission which is supposed to have direct oversight on public sector enterprises.

Chairman of the Committee, Joe Osei Wusu, had tried to convince the Minority to go along with the vetting and then sort out its concerns later. He was joined by Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo Markins.

However, the Minority stood their ground and demanded an explanation from the Presidency.

“Until we receive a satisfactory explanation from the office of the president,” the Minority Leader said they will not partake. He demanded, “further and better particulars to proceed with the vetting”.


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