EC Blackballs 30,000 Voters. Nobody Knows Who The Victims Are

Following the revelation by the Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission in Charge of Corporate Services that some 30,000 voters have been removed from the new voters’ register over registration infractions, questions have emerged as to who the affected voters are.

This is because Dr. Eric Bossman Asare, who is reported deletion of the names did not give any indication whatsoever that the EC has any intent of publishing the names of the affected persons so that they may challenge their removal from the list.

As a result random voters are apprehensive as to whether they are affected or not.

Dr. Bossman made the revelation on Accra based Joy News said about 14,000 of the 30,000 disqualified voters have been put on the Exceptions List while about 16,000 names have been put on the Multiple List.

When a name is put on the Exceptions List after it has been excluded from the Provisional Register, it means that voter is disqualified because they registered outside of the stipulated time for registration.

In the case of the Multiple Registration List, a name which makes it there means that the voter registered more than once.

“They cannot vote because they had engaged in infractions,” Dr. Bossman Asare is reported as saying.
According to him, due process, which entailed the process of disenfranchisement being presided over by a judge was used to remove the names.

Nobody knows who these people are and what constituencies they belong to. It is not also clear if the EC has any intention of suing those who breached electoral rules.


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