TANZANIA Records Covid-19 In Goat and Pawpaw, After Corpse Contracts Covid-19 in Ghana

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli on Sunday ordered an immediate probe into the country’s coronavirus testing kits after samples  taken from a goat and pawpaw tested positive, Whatsup News has gathered.

Speaking at an event in Chato in the northwest of Tanzania, Magufuli said the COVID-19 testing kits which had been imported from abroad had “technical errors” and promptly ordered security forces to check the quality of the kits.

This followed an earlier order to the security forces to verify the accuracy of the test kits, resulting in them collecting random samples from all sorts of sources, including a hapless goat and a piece of sliced pawpaw.

 “We extracted a sample from a goat which turned positive. This tells you that something is not adding up…. Are we now supposed to quarantine goats and fruits?” President Magufuli questioned.

This bizarre turn of event is similar to the recent positive Covid-19 test on a corpse at the Ga-East Municipal Hospital in Ghana.

According to the principal pathologist at the hospital, a deceased who had initially tested negative before death was tested after death in what turned out to be a post-mortem contraction of Covid-19.

The family of the deceased had insisted on the post mortem that yielded the curious result as Ghana’s testing regime has been put under the microscope.


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