Okyenhene Uprooted From Presidency Of Eastern Regional House Of Chiefs

The era of the Okyenehene, Osagyefour Amoatia Ofori Panin, as the President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs has come to an end.

He has been replaced by the Konor of Manya Krobo Traditional Area, His Royal Majesty Nene Sackitey.

Osagyefuor served two terms as President of the ERHC, homing out with a not too pleasant swansong. His attempt to fill the ERHC with what has been described as his minions from Okyeman so that the ERHC would perpetually be under the thumb of Ofori Panin Fie was fought fiercely by the Omanhene of New Juabeng, Daasebre Prof. Emeritus Oti Boateng.

Among other things, the Okyenhene had been accused of lying and employing subterfuge in his attempt to get the ERHC perpetually lopsided in favor of Ofori Panin Fie by filling it with sub chiefs, majority of whom would come from Okyeman.

This would have perpetually put the ERHC under the power of the Okyeman stoolhouse. However, Daasebre Oti Boateng would not allow that to happen.

In a paper war, the New Juabeng king pointed out that the then President of the ERHC, the Okyenehene, was over reaching and violating the law in his attempt to become perpetual puppet master of the ERHC.

He wrote to the National House of Chiefs saying the Okyenhene had not discussed his plans with everybody as he had claimed and that his attempt was unacceptable. The National House of Chiefs eventually reversed the moves by the Okyenhene.

Meanwhile, Nene Sackitey beat one other chiefs in a vote to become the new President of the ERHC. Out of 10 votes cast, Nene Sackitey polled 8 as against 2 for his contender, Nana Osei Nyarko, the Paramount Chief of Boso Gua Traditional Area.

 “We will continue our programmes that strengthen our chieftaincy institution through education, training and resources. We will also retain our commitment of solidarity, ensuring that all members can have more opportunities to enhance their skills, the methods and operating framework required for performing,” His Royal Majesty, The Konor of Manya Krobo said in his victory speech.

Three other paramount chiefs have since been sworn in by the supervising High Court judge, Gifty Dekyem, to join the President and the Vice President as the regional representatives of Eastern at the National House of Chiefs.

They are the immediate past president, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin, Nana Osei Nyarko and Nana Owoare Agyekum Kantamanto.

They took the oath of secrecy and allegiance.


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