Gov’t Replace TOR BOSS -After Refusal to Play Ball In Loot

The Akufo Addo administration has appointed Herbert Ato Morrison to the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to replace the former Managing Director Isaac Osei, who was reportedly forced out of the state refinery.

Mr. Morrison’s appointment follows the official resignation of Isaac Osei, who served as the MD of TOR for nearly three years and who had reportedly refused to succumb to regime hawks who had wanted him to agree to loot the state of millions of dollars.

According to the Institute of Energy Security (IES) Isaac Osei, was induced by persons who wanted him to approve a shady deal that would have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

IES investigations revealed that Mr. Osei left his position after he refused to sign off a deal to refine 11 million barrels of crude oil at a cost of US$1.5 per barrel instead of a market rate of US$4.5 per barrel.

According to the statement, should TOR agree to the terms, TOR would have been run aground.

Morrison who has served at TOR for more than 30 years, is, therefore, going to step into a volatile situation where the regime hawks pushing the scandalous deal are still lurking in the shadows.

It is unclear if he will play along with the “mafia” or face the same fate as his predecessor.


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