Give All Ghanaian LGBTQs Free Visas If You Truly Love Them

…Sonnie Badu Blasts Pressure from Westerners 

Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, has proffered what he says is a win-win solution for the ongoing debate over gay rights in the country, challenging western countries preaching solidarity with Ghanaian gays to prove their love by granting them free residence visas to their countries where they can freely be homosexuals.

In a post on his Facebook Timeline, he challenges countries like the US, Australia and others in Europe to go beyond talk and offer sanctuary to homosexuals, lesbians and transgender Ghanaians in their respective countries.

According to him, offering free visas to these Ghanaians will quell the ongoing acrimonious debate and save both Ghana and these western countries peace of mind.

“I think I have a solution for this LGBTQ brouhaha going on in Ghana. It’s culture versus enforcement, so this is the solution since some of the ministers of state are being denied visas for this reason,” he said.

 “All the foreign countries that want to enforce that law should make asylum visas available so those who are practicing it will travel to all respective countries to live permanently, and also get better medication for diseases like HIV… it will bring peace.”

Sonnie Badu adds that most practitioners of the unconventional sexuality do it for survival, having been initiated by so-called “big men” who promised them help in return.

Ghana has been dominated with a debate on gay rights after some MPs introduced a Bill to criminalize gay sex, its promotion and advocacy in Ghana.

The Bill on the “Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values” is very likely to pass, however, a cohort of Ghanaian academics and intellectuals led by President Akufo-Addo’s lawyer, Akoto Ampaw, has kicked against it.

The resistance by Akoto Ampaw et al, has been supportive of already existing advocacy that embassies of western countries have been giving for the legalization of gay rights in Ghana.


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