FixTheCountry Demo Rocks London

Campaigners of the #FixTheCountry youth movement today mounted a sustained protest at the London Embassy of Ghana with more than 100 Ghanaians attending with branded placards of the group.

The group of youngsters disgruntled with the political status quo shot to fame via social media and has struck terror in the hearts of the political actors in the country.

Their London protest today is a precursor to a major protest that the group is planning for Accra on August 4, 2021.

The group has been blatantly suppressed by the political authority and the Ghana Police Service from protesting since May 9, 2021, when they issued a comprehensive notice on their intention to protest against two main political orientations that have ruled the country since the beginning of the Fourth Republic.

Incidentally, in London, while the group was protesting systemic failure in Ghana, a group of government-sponsored lackeys mounted a counter-protest to virtually praise-sing the Akufo Addo administration.


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