GJA Urges Full Media Support For Green Ghana Project

The Ghana Journalists Association is urging all media houses and practitioners in the country to actively participate in a government program to plant five million trees around the country.

Dubbed the Green Ghana Project, it is aimed at helping restore the country’s lost vegetative cover and eco-system and GJA says it wants journalists to instigate talking points around the project and also physically participate in the tree planting exercises.

“Green Ghana Project, a novel national initiative to plant five million trees across the country is here with us. The Ghana Journalists Association ( GJA) is urging all journalists and media houses to play a pivotal role in this project as they saturate the airwaves and liter their newspapers with relevant programmes, situational reports, exciting stories and well-researched features. The aim is to get an overwhelming majority of Ghanaians to participate in and assume ownership of the tree planting exercise. 

“The GJA expects all media owners, CEOs, editors, and practitioners not only to promote the exercise but also to take an active part to green their media houses and communities. 

“Sustainability is key to the success of the Green Ghana Project. To this end, the GJA underlines the need for media practitioners all over the country to help maintain the momentum through follow-up stories and programmes. This will inculcate in the public, especially the youth, the values of planting and nurturing trees.”

The statement is signed by the President of the GJA, Mr. Affail Monney.

It adds that to help spur the media on, the GJA is considering instituting a special award for the recognition of journalists who excel at the promotion of the project.

“For its part, the GJA will consider instituting SPECIAL GREEN GHANA AWARDS for journalists and media houses (traditional and online) who excel in championing this environmentally vital national exercise.” 


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