Video Of Three Boys Bathing At A Cemetery Goes Viral

A video capturing three boys bathing at a cemetery has gone viral on social media raising concern about the craze for ritual money in the country.

In the video, the young men are seen wearing red cloth from their waist down, heavily soaped up in the rain while standing near headstones of dead people and bathing.

While at it they chant strange incantations.

The video is coming in the wake of the dastardly murder of a ten-year-old in Kasoa by two teenagers who were on a mission to harvest human body parts for a so-called blood money ritual.

The shocking incident has jolted the nation to the real dangers of a get-rich-quick mentality that has taken hold, especially among the youth.

There is a whole industry for this mentality involving fetish priests and priestesses and quack men and women of God who promise to magically transform the lives of people who are prepared to patronize their services.


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