Rotten Wooden Bridge Linking Dewe And Dewegodo Now A Death Trap

A wooden bridge linking two communities within the Anloga District of the Volta Region – Dewe and Dewegodo – has become a death trap after years of disrepair.

The 56.4 meter long decrepit wooden footbridge constructed over the River Dewe years ago now gives way under weights, effectively becoming a disaster waiting to happen.

Concerned residents have pointed out that as it is the only bridge linking not only Dewe and Dewegodo but also the nearest health post sat Trekume, it will not be long before a heavily pregnant woman crashes into the river and drown in attempt to access health care.

Also, pupils who attend schools on either side of the bridge are at risk of sinking because of the decaying and treacherous bridge.

With their main source of livelihood being sugarcane farming along with the distilling of local alcohol beverage-Akpeteshie, residents have reportedly lamented that they can no longer transport their products across the bridge because a tricycle which used to serve as the only source of transportation has stopped working because of the decrepit nature of the bridge.

Consequently, their distilled local gin, sugarcane and other farm products are no longer being transported to nearby big markets such as the Anloga, Atiavi, Dabala and Abor.

The residents are calling on the government to as a matter of urgency, come to their aid.


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