Osu Residents Consume Dangerous Dead Fish Washed Ashore

JoyNews, the main news handle of Accra-based Joy FM is reporting that a cross-section of residents of Osu have already consumed some of the dead fish that mysteriously washed ashore a few days ago.

In a report, some of the consumers of the potentially poisonous fish are reported as saying among other things that they believe the wash-up of the fish is a miracle.

“On Friday, we were here whilst our children were at the seashore; they came back with a big fish which was wagging its tail. So I said the fish is not dead, the fish is not dead. The children said they got it from the sea. It was first seen by the security men around who cooked and ate some over here,” an elderly woman is quoted as saying.

According to the story, the woman explained that the opportune fish had been used to prepare palm nut soup for the family’s enjoyment.

“So when the children brought it, we removed its scales and chopped it. The fish was healthy. That Sunday we used it for palm nut soup. So honestly my family and I ate some of the fish and nothing has happened to us. We had some small ones and we fried it and then these bigger ones,” the unnamed woman said.

There is worry in town that dead fish that mysteriously washed ashore around the countries beaches a few days ago may end up in fish markets across the country.

The government has been making frantic efforts to ensure that the fish, which many fear may have died from poisoning, do not end up in household cooking pots. Apparently, the government’s efforts have not really prevented that.

Meanwhile, while the larger government has been frenetic about preventing possible food poisoning through consumption of the dead fish by the general public, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister, Mavis Hawa Koomson has rushed to town to announce that preliminary analyses show the fish died of stress.


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