10-Year-Old Ritual Murder Victim To Be Buried Today

The ten-year-old boy who was reportedly murdered by two teenagers for body parts to use for money rituals is to be buried on Thursday, April 7, 2021.

According to reports, a spokesperson for the family of Ishmael Abdallah has said this, is to fulfill Islamic custom.

“Yesterday, when we went to Court, we expected that the body of Ishmael would be given to us but unfortunately, it could not happen,” Mr. Samed Akalilu is quoted as saying.

He is said to have added that, “From the hints we have received, everything indicates that we will get the body tomorrow (Thursday) so we can proceed to bury our dead according to Islamic customs and rituals.”

On Wednesday, the family had made attempts to secure the body for burial but was not successful. However, the family is hopeful the corpse will be released to them by Thursday.

It is not very clear if this will happen though given the circumstances of the death of the victim.

On April 8, 2021, Ishmael had allegedly been bludgeoned to death in an uncompleted building by two teenagers who were looking to harvest body parts for money rituals.

Felix Nyarko, 16, and Nicholas Kini, 18, who have since reportedly confessed to the crime, are said to have explained that they had encountered a spiritualist on TV who had promised to make them billionaires overnight if only they could produce human parts.

They then lured the hapless Oshmael Abdallah into an uncompleted building under the pretext of selling some game program.

After they murdered him, they buried his body with the intent of later transporting him to the spiritualist in the Volta Region in the night for the rituals.

However, luck eluded them and they were found out and arrested.


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