Economist, Jerry Monfant, Appointed To Big EU Job

Dr. Jerry Monfant

Renowned Financial, Economic and Strategic Consultant, Dr. Jerry Monfant, has been appointed to a job in the European Union Commission.

He is to serve on the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group. He shared this with peers and admirers on social media recently.

“I’m glad to inform members that after having served on other professional bodies in Europe, I have been appointed once more to serve on the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group. This is the technical advisory team on FINANCE and Economic policies to the European Commission,” he wrote.

 The key responsibilities of the group include harmonization of European Union Reporting Standards, Providing efficiency in European Capital Markets, Sustainability of European Union, and financial policies including review of post-IFRS implications on European Financial Markets.

 All team members will be working remotely for the moment, and meetings and conferences will be hosted in Brussels.

“I hope this new opportunity will bring a lot of experience and knowledge to bear on our country when we have the opportunity to serve our people,” Dr. Monfant wrote.

Dr. Jerry Kombat Monfant is a business strategist, an accountant and a financial expert. He is a member of chartered accountants in Ghana and also a chartered management consultant in Canada.

He has over ten years of experience working with business policy across the globe, particularly with financial industries.

Dr. Monfant has been in charge of developing an economic simulation model for value-based financial organizations, a business strategy for the development of many international bodies.

He has important experience with qualitative and quantitative analysis (Financial Calculations), particularly in the retail and manufacturing industries. He has researched the economics of vertical restraints, particularly in developing countries.

He especially excels at researching innovative approaches to economic questions and presenting complex findings in an understandable, structured manner.

Dr. Monfant received his doctorate in International Finance from St Louis, Missouri in the United States of America. He further studied Global strategy implementation (Executive Program) from the University of Thunderbird, Global school of management in Florida-USA.

Dr.Monfant obtained his post-graduate in management Accountancy in London and he is also an international Associate of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) USA.


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