Five Policemen Brutalise Soldier

A disturbing report from Cape Coast indicates that some five police officers have pounced on a soldier, identified as Sergeant K.K and beaten him to a pulp.

According to the reports seen by Whatsup News, around 12 noon last Saturday Sergeant K.K with the Second Battalion in Takoradi was ambushed by the police officers on the Cape Coast Highway and pummelled to the point where he is currently battling for his life.

The Sergeant is reported to have asked his younger brother to pick him from home on his return from an assignment in Accra but the latter run into the police, who stopped to interrogate him.

But it appeared the interrogation reportedly escalated quickly when the said brother called Sergeant K.K to rescue him from the police officers.

Adom FM got a rare interview from the brutalised soldier from his hospital bed where he narrated his ordeal with the police officers.

 “When I got to the scene, I sought to find out what was going on and I pulled out my ID card to let them know I am one of them, hence should forgive my brother of any crime he might have committed. However, there was a heated argument and the next thing I knew, I was being attacked. One of them sprayed pepper spray into my eyes while the others attacked from all angles,” he narrated.

He explained he could barely walk now and in severe pain coupled with a head injury he suffered.

“They kicked me in my balls and I had my head hit with a wood and I began to bleed profusely while they tried to handcuff me with claims of taking me to a hospital in their car but I resisted and took a taxi which was nearby,” he added.

One Dr Vincent Sackey, who is administering treatment to the victim in his home, explained the extent of injuries sustained by the embattled soldier: “He is in severe pains and suffered injuries on his wrists, his back, right leg and the head which have been sutured but we are grateful to God he is still alive and once we can stabilise him, he will undergo a scan,” Dr. Sackey stated.

The identities of the policemen are currently unknown, but Whatsup News has gathered that the incident has been reported to the Central Regional Police Command who are set to launch an investigation into the assault.

Residents in Cape Coast fear that soldiers may launch reprisal attacks on police officers in solidarity with their brutalised colleague.


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