Namaata Clinic Officially Launched

Namaata Clinic, an ultramodern health facility has been opened at the Ogbojo Ashaley Botwe area, on the 20th of February, 2021 near the St. Peters SHS School.

The ceremony was attended by a cross section of people and leaders from within the Ogbojo community and beyond. The main event lasted an hour but free health screening and medical consultation followed afterwards.

Namaata Clinic has 36 beds with plans for expansion to 50 beds very soon.

In attendance were Assembly members from Nii Ashaley Electoral area Hon. Samuel Akrofi, Honorable Gladys of Ogbojo, Imams and pastors and Honorable Mohammed Abu Ramadan was represented by Mr. Muqqadis Hussein Akoloni.

Namaata clinic is a state of the arts health facility where they combine experience and modern technology to deliver quality health care. In an era where hospitals are struggling with beds and some basic facilities in the Ghana health sector, Namaata Clinic can boast of some of the most needed machines in the industry.

Currently, the clinic offers general health Consultation, Maternal and Child birth, Ultrasound scan, Family health, Laboratory services etc:

In a speech by the proprietor of the clinic, Alhaji Adamu Williams stated that his vision is to help reduce the burden in our health sector by creating a platform for affordable health care whilst generating employment for the teeming youth of Ghana.

He continued that his main objectives are to help people especially the vulnerable and the needy in our society.

He thanked his many donors especially in the USA who have helped in diverse ways in building Namaata Clinic and other projects he has embarked on.

Alhaji Adamu Williams is a philanthropist who has been doing charity in Ghana for a very long time. Indeed, there were testimonies from people at the ceremony to confirm the good work been done by the Philanthropist. He promised to complete a School project he is putting up adjacent to Namaata Clinic to give quality Education to the less privilege in the community.

The clinic was named after Alhaji Adamu Williams’ father who’s nickname is ‘Namaata’; Namaata is referred to a male born among females in Hausa language.


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