Medical Association Wants Covid-19 Testing To Be Free

Dr Frank Ankobea, President of the Ghana Medical Association

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has been jolted by the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country and are calling for a drastic reduction in the cost of testing.

The GMA is suggesting that government makes testing for Covid-19 free or so cheap that any Ghanaian who thinks they have had an exposure can easily walk to a facility and undergo testing on their own.

The umbrella body of doctors is also calling for mass testing of the population.

“The GMA calls for an urgent scale up of COVID-19 testing and contact tracing…Additionally, Covid-19 testing should be made free or relatively cheaper for the ordinary Ghanaian who needs testing as a result of direct exposure or when symptomatic for Covid-19.”

The statement is signed by its President, Dr. Frank Ankobea and its General Secretary, Dr. Justice Yankson.

The GMA lamented what appears to be a laxity in the government and public’s combat of the disease saying the country let its guard down during the Christmas period.

The statement welcomed the government’s moves to secure a vaccine for the people urging it to double efforts at ensuring that the vaccines arrive as quickly as possible.

It also urged for the free distribution of Face masks, strict compliance to covid-19 protocols by the populace and proper sanitary guardianship of students returning to school.
Meanwhile, business man, Senyo Hosi, has also been raising the alarm over the resurgence of the disease, lamenting that the government is not giving the issue the deserved attention.

“COVID-19 is in with a bang! ICUs full, medics and supplies overstretched. Tracing non-existent, testing under-executed, public urgency lost. Wake up GoG, stop the politics and work! its lives here not elections,” Hosi wrote.


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