How Did Western Togoland Secessionists Mount Their Flag On Volta Regional Minister’s Office Building?

…Volta Chiefs ask

Chiefs in the Volta Region are asking very searching questions after National Security Minister and the Minister for Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs swerved a meeting that the Volta Regional House of Chiefs had had invited them to for discussion of the activities of the Western Togoland secessionist group.

Among the raft of questions asked included one that concerned the mounting of a flag belonging to the Western Togoland secessionist group at the Volta Regional Coordination Council where the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa works.

“More intriguing, was the ability of the culprits to hoist a flag of the “Western Togoland Group” at the Volta Region Coordinating Council, the office of the Regional Minister, this also going unnoticed by the night security,” the Council noted in a statement issued after their meeting.

This question was the second of seven questions that the chiefs had posed in their statement. It really dangles a huge question mark on Dr. Letsa, who has already been outed as along time financier of the activities of the group which appears to have mutated into a terror organization.

Last week, the group members attacked Police Stations in Mepeand Aveyime in the Volta Region, overpowered Police, freed cells inmate and carted weapons away from armories.

Members of the public have long suspected that the group are hirelings under remote control from Jubilee House to destabilize the Volta Region, the main stronghold of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

Last week, a leader of one of the terror cells of the group TogbeYesu Kwabla Edudzi II, declared the cessation of political activities in the Volta Region after the Mepe and Aveyimeattacks. The government responded by deploying military and police to the region who arrested 31 people, who are said to have turned out to be innocent bystanders who had been attracted to the crime scenes that the terrorist left behind, after among other things, burning down an STC bus.

Meanwhile, the Volta Regional House of Chiefs also wondered how the group has managed to grow strong in the country without National Security detecting and clamping it down. “The inability of National Security to pick up any intelligence on these activities in order to prevent them or arrest the conspirators, allowing these despicable acts to be committed.”

It also expressed perplexity over, “the failure of the Regional Minister, who is the head of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), to call or brief any of our Chiefs on the issue.”

The statement wondered why innocent bystanders observing what had happened were arrested by National Security indicating that the arrestees included traders from Dzemeni who had arrived at an illegal road block mounted by the Western Togoland group.

“The identity of two (2) people who were shot dead at Juapongand another three (3) at Battor. One of those shot dead at Juapong was reported to be a known nearby coconut seller,” the statement said.

While condemning the attacks by the Western Togoland Group and dissociating the Volta Region from them, the Volta Regional House of Chiefs also said it had taken note of uncomplimentary political statements and disrespect th

“The statement, a few years ago, by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central, urging the killing of the Voltarians and Gas;

“The recent statement by K. T. Hammond, recorded on video, that the people of the Volta Region are not Ghanaians, but Togolese;

“The recent, “mistaken” exclusion of the Region’s roads from the national budget; and,

“The disrespect shown to the Chiefs during visits by political leaders to the region.

“The video circulated by one Kevin Taylor, supposedly based in the United States of America, in which he alleged that the government was planning to send vigilantes to foment trouble in the Region, ahead of the elections, with a view to disrupting same,” the statement said.

at politicians, including NPP leading members have been hurling towards Voltarians and Volta Chiefs.


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