Guinea’s Forty Opposition Parties To Protest Election Results Tomorrow

Guinea is bracing for follow up protests to the one that has already claimed at least 17 lives as all forty opposition parties have sent notice for a protest march on the streets of Conakry tomorrow to resist the third-term re-election of President Alpha Conde.

The march will be in solidarity with opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Dialo, who has repudiated the victory of President Conde.

However, the protests are going to be shoring up a constitutional fight that Mr. Dialo has already triggered in Guinea’s Constitutional court.

On Saturday, the Electoral Commission declared that President Conde, 82, had won an election that the opposition had said the President had no right to participate in after completing two terms.

Mr. Conde had changed constitutional provisions that set a two term tenure limit.

Ahead of the Electoral Commission’s declaration of results, Cellou Diallo had claimed victory, sparking jubilations among his supporters. However, the Electoral Commission soon came out to declare that Mr. Dialo’s proclamation was untrue.

Then on Saturday, the EC declared that President Conde had carried the election with 59.5%. This sparked protests that soon led to the killing of some 17 Dialo supporters in his stronghold.

According to UFDG, the party that Mr. Dialo leads, the protests that are upcoming on Monday will continue until Alpha Conde is ousted.

It is also expected that the development will encourage Guineans in the diaspora to take over the country’s consulate and Embassy buildings abroad, according to a statement that Whatsup News has seen.

Foreign companies operating the country, especially those in the mining sector, have also been warned to cease operations for their own safety.


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