Name of EC Advisory Chairman Missing In New Register-Raymond Archer

Celebrated investigative journalist, and former Editor-in-Chief of The Enquirer newspaper has revealed that the  iconic Justice Emile Short, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission’s  (EC)’s own Eminent Advisory Committee (EDC) and former boss at the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) cannot find his name in the Jean Mensah-inspired new voters’ register.

Mr. Archer made this revelation today when he released a statement alleging that his [Raymond Archer] name was also missing in the register.

“Yesterday Saturday 26, 2020, I found out that my name was not on the Electoral Commission’s official voters register on exhibition at my polling station.

Just before I checked my name, I was informed that Justice Emile Short, Former COMMISSIONER, CHRAJ, CHAIR OF AYAWASO WEST VIOLENCE COMMISSION and CHAIR of the EC’s EMINENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE established by the EC during the heated push back against the compilation of a new register did not find his name on the voters register,” Raymond Archer said in a statement released today.

And for caring to ask why his name has spirited out of the register, the EC officials allegedly told him strangely that his [Raymond Archer] name will magically re-appear in the register on Election Day.

Mr. Archer says there is no way that assurance can give him any reassurance and has therefore served EC a notice of the consequence of disenfranchising him. “The officers at the voter exhibition at my polling station assured me on Saturday that on election day my name will surely be on the register. But I seriously doubt it, so please, if anyone finds the EC boss, kindly ask her why my name, Raymond Archer is not on the register on exhibition,” Raymond Archer wrote in a statement intended to be a notice of possible action against the EC.

“Ever since I became a voter, there has never been a single occasion when my name was missing from the voters’ register. I think this new register is too sophisticated for my name.

I was told that I could travel to the district office of the Electoral Commission to further investigate why my name is not on the voters’ register. I was assured that on voter’s day my name will surely be on the voters’ register,” a peeved Archer lamented.

“I have promised myself to be the first person to cast my votes at my polling station in this election. But it appears the EC is trying to stand in my way.”

Mr. Archer is a neighbour to Jean Mensah in the Cantonments area and has expressed the desire to stroll to her house and ask how his name managed to take a vacation from the voters’ register after he had queued in the hot sun to ensure he is registered. However, the EC boss’ house is now the semblance of a military detachment with heavily armed soldiers prowling dangerously.

“Mrs. Jean Mensah is my neighbour, I would have loved to walk to her house and politely ask her why my name is missing from the register, but I realise that these days her house is guarded with an Armoured Personnel Carrier from the Formed Police Unit (FPU), a contingent of Police in a Toyota Tundra, a red VW Golf permanently packed in front of her house, another White Toyota pick Up and a contingent of Military personnel armed to the teeth in their brand new SUV, a green  Toyota ForeRunner. Securities cameras have been installed on all the access roads that lead to her home,” Mr. Archer wrote.


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