Alleged Thief’s Violent Death Raises Suspicion Of Murder At Abutia

There is suspicion that a young man, who died violently at Abutia in the Volta Region in August, was murdered.

The deceased, who has now become a John Doe at a morgue close by because nobody really knows his identity is believed to have been bludgeoned and stabbed to death by townsfolk on suspicion of being a thief.

A source who spoke to WhatsUp News on condition of anonymity alleged that the posturing of the paramount Chief of Abutia, Togbe Abutia Kordzo since the incidence has however invited gossips in the Abutia community that the seeming murder may have been carried out at the behest.

Several attempts by WhatsUp News to get the traditional leader’s response to the allegation have since proven futile as Togbe Kordzo has not picked his calls nor return calls placed to him.

The Abutia Police Command is tight-lipped around the incident as a reliable source tells Whatsup News that investigation is still ongoing.

According to a source, however, suspicion of the chief’s involvement in the murder has become even more pronounced following his instruction to some people in the community to storm the morgue where the mortal remains of the victim is being kept and remove it for burial in an unmarked grave.

The body of the unknown victim was allegedly discovered in the middle of the road that connects Abutia Agorve to Abutia Tetti in August. It showed what appeared to be deep knife wounds as well as fractures from traumatic blows.

Pictures of the dead body that WhatsUp News has seen show bloody marks of violence on it, as it is barely covered with leaves.

Our source reports that enquiries as to what had happened to the victim had drawn contradictory answers from townsfolk, with some saying he had been knocked down by a car while others said that he was a thief that had met a befitting fate.

Interestingly, no car plate numbers have been produced by those who have claimed that the victim was knocked down by a car. Rather, the source points out, townsfolk have mostly been nonchalant about the violent death of the deceased mostly because he is said to have been a thief.

As part of the nonchalance, the Police have not been informed of the death while the Chief has rather led the people in prayer for land pacification and followed it up with a deposit of the dead body into a morgue.

The same chief is however said to have today, instructed that the body be removed from the morgue and returned to the village for an unceremonious burial in an unmarked grave.

The chief’s alleged instruction has since added to suspicion that the young man was not hit down by a car but was murdered by the townsfolk at the behest of the Chief.

Several attempts by WhatsUp News to get the chief to respond to the issues were fruitless as Togbe Abutia Kordzo did not pick calls placed to his phone.


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