Re-arranged Face of Jubilee House Galamsey Kingpin Surfaces

Pictures of battered face of Presidential Staffer and known facilitator of illegal miners Charles Cromwell Bissue, has gone viral, following his violent fight with the Member of Parliament for Tarkwa-Nsuem Constituency, George Mireku Duker.

The picture seen by Whatsup News shows a restructured face of Charles Bissue from professionally placed punches left hooks to his head by George Mireku Duker during their physical altercation at the Kingston Hotel in Takoradi-Western Region. One of Bissue’s eyes have totally closed from the badly swollen face and lips.

The fight broke out between the two during a meeting of executives of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“He was coming to me as he shouted, ‘I will beat you!’ So my chairman was even asking me to get up because Bissue was coming to me. Lo and behold! Bissue came to me and threw a blow at me and in defence, I also threw one at him but my finger went into his mouth and he chewed it,”  Mireku told the media in an interview monitored by Whatsup News.

“I had a deep cut at the middle finger of my right hand. I later went to the Jemimah Hospital for some treatment,” he said.

The two are believed to be bitter enemies following reports that Charles Bissue has been sponsoring an independent parliamentary candidate to unseat Mireku Duker from the Tarkwa-Nsuem constituency.

Mireku Duker also received serious injuries from the fight, as an out-punched Bissue employed his canine teeth to the fingers of the stunned MP as a last resort.

Narrating his side of the story, Mireku Duker said: “So at the meeting, I made the same complaint that there is an independent candidate in Tarkwa who is being supported by some regional executives so we should trash the issue here. After my presentation, I went to sit down. But before the meeting came to an end, Lord Commey asked Bissue to react to the issue I raised in three minutes.”

He continued: Bissue went for the microphone and said I used to be his friend but I visited him at his office one day and told him that he should not believe the President and allow people to do galamsey or illegal mining,”

 Incidentally, these are two top appointees of the Akufo Addo administration who are at the centre of two major scandals in the administration.

Charles Bissue was caught on tape almost two years ago, receiving a huge payout for reportedly facilitating illegal gold mining activities, even though he was the Secretary to the inter-ministerial committee set up by President Akufo Addo to clamp down on illegal mining activities locally known as “Galamsey”.

On the other hand, Mireku Duker is the Chairman of the Board of the Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF) which has controversially hatched a scheme that will funnel Ghana’s mining royalties to Agyapa Royalties, a company registered in a notorious tax haven, and a company whose private shareholders have remained a mystery till date.


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