Man Of God Trashes New Voters ID Card As Cheap And Overpriced

Outspoken man of God, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has dismissed the new voters’ ID card issued by the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission as cheap and overpriced.

At a sermon in his Alabaster International Ministry Church, Prophet Oduro observed that the new card is so cheap that its componentry is only made up of a strip of torn paper and cheap lamination rubber casing.

According to him, the voters ID card is so cheap that even the membership card of his Church is of a better quality than what has been issued as anational voters’ ID card.

He said it is just difficult to justify the almost half a billion cedis that Jean Mensah and her Commission took to compile and issue the new voters’ ID card.

“This electoral Commission card that they have given us for voting on the 7th, you call this a card? I mean seriously, tell us how much one card costs and let’s multiply by all the people who registered and let us check , juxtapose it to the amount that was given for the card, and you will see that there is no truth in this country. I’m telling you, this useless card is a card? Why not at least give us something like the Ghana Card? As a church, our membership card is a plastic card and you have gone to bring this polythene strip to bamboozle us. Even the strip of paper in the card was torn,” he said.

According to him, when he went to register the EC attendants decided to give him special care because they were afraid that he would lambast the EC over the quality of the cards they were issuing. Consequently, he revealed that the EC officials gave a special card of a higher quality than the cheapish strip of laminated paper that everyone else got from the EC.

“When I went to do voters register with it, I overheard one of the attendants saying that, “this is Prphet Oduro, let’s do his very well for him lest he takes us on. And so when you see my (voters id) card, it looks like the Ghana Card but my wife’s card is like an olonka rubber; who do you think you are cheating? The olonka rubber is in her card as she waits for 7th December,” Prophet Oduro said.

The new voters ID card consist of a strip of paper and a rubber casing with the casing clamed together in a lamination.

Indeed the cards look so cheap that even the color resolution of the photographs are cheapish looking.

Jean Adukwei Mensah, the EC Chairperson who so far appears to have a mess on her hands was given a little over Ghc430million to compile a new register and issue a new set of cards at her insistence.



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