Police Commander Brutalizes Woman at Kpedze and Abandons Her

A horrific incident that could pass for a Hollywood movie has left residents of Kpedze in the Volta region wondering if the Ghana Police Service is truly committed to protecting citizens or have become a band of marauding thugs.

A middle aged woman who was knocked down by a police vehicle about two hundred meters away from the Kpedze Police Station has been left to her fate and she is currently battling with severe pains caused by her injuries left unattended to for the past three weeks. 

The event according to eye witnesses occurred on 28th September 2019 at Kpedze Sreme at about 11:30 in the morning when the District Police Commander’s pick up vehicle knocked down one madam Happy Agbesi in front of her shop. Reports have it that the District Commander, DSP Felicia Ayensu who was in the vehicle herself sensing danger quickly ordered that the woman who laid unconscious under the police vehicle is removed and placed inside the pick-up’s bucket to be rushed to a nearby health post. 

Strangely enough, the police after rushing the lady to Saviefe Agokpo Health post and back have since abandoned the poor lady to her fate with a fractured leg . Attempts to get the police commander to take responsibility of the woman’s condition have proven futile. To make matters worse, the police have refused to issue the lady with a police medical form in order for her to seek treatment at a higher facility in the regional capital Ho.

The situation has compelled the victim to resort to a herbalist at a nearby town of Akome for assistance but that has not been fruitful. She has since tried with the help of friends and well-wishers to visit the regional Hospital at her own cost where a surgery was done on the leg. Attempts to get the police to explain their actions have not yielded any fruitful results as the woman was recently told that the police commander had left for a peacekeeping mission over last week.

The woman who is currently in some severe pains, and his family are however hopeful that her condition would improve for her to continue to live a normal life.  Residents are however angry and agitated over the apparent wickedness being exhibited by the police who are supposed to protect the citizenry while preventing criminal conduct.


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