Man Defecates in front of Jubilee House

Pictures and videos have emerged on social media showing an extremely daring man decided to attend to nature’s call, right in front of the Presidential Palace in Accra-the Jubilee House.

The unidentified daredevil was spotted taking a dump in what appears to be “cool, calm and collected” manner.

It is unclear which section of the wall of the Jubilee House the spectacle happened in broad daylight, but there appear to be a tiny reservoir close to the wall of the large presidential palace.

In the pictures, the man was seen squatting atop a black plastic bag in the classic makeshift toilet packaged flung with careless abandon after the act has been done. The Act of flinging of human waste in black plastic bags are hilariously described by as “Short-put” in reference to one of the key features of Olympic games.

Whatsup News has been unable to verify how the man disposed of his putrid package as social media commentators speculate that he may have simply flung it over into the compound of the Jubilee House or may have simply left his excreta unattended to by the wall of the presidential edifice.

The Jubilee House has recorded similar incidents in the past, notably the dumping of a pungently smelling consignment of refuse in front of the Jubilee House earlier this year.

The video making rounds on twitter has generated several reactions with some condemning the man while others have described the act as symptomatic of the state of affairs of the country. The action also betrays the Akufo Addo administration’s failure to effectively tackle sanitation problems in the capital city-Accra as promised.


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