Chinese Food Company’s Dangerous Witch Broth uncovered in

Online News Portal-Ghanaweb, has secretly uncovered dangerous food production by Chinese-owned DADA Food Company in the Tema industrial enclave. The company.

The discovery includes unhygienic conditions and dangerous food additives used in the production of DADA’s range of non-alcoholic beverages.

In a video posted accompanying video, factory hands could be seen dressed unhygienically for the type of food-grade production they were undertaking. They were basically mixing suspicious powdered food additives and chemicals to produce the drink range of DADA Foods.

Some of the chemicals uncovered in the exposé include the use of powerful chemical sweeteners such as Sodium Cyclamate, Tartrazine, a synthetic lemon yellow dye used as a food colouring and citric acid monohydrate seen carelessly exposed to the elements.

Also, most of the products of the company meant for sale in Ghana is labelled in Chinese with a few badly translated English inscriptions.

The company which produces thousands of boxes of the DADA products was on October 23, 2019, busted by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for evading taxes.

Whatsup News gathered that the company may not have had a Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) clearance before operating. The company’s main products are targeted at school children and kids in general.


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