Cars, Shops and Bar Burn to Ashes At Achimota

Fresh reports from Achimota in Accra indicates that over 40 kiosks, some cars and a bar have been burnt to ashes close to a slum under the Achimota overhead bridge.

Residents at the slum located between Eden Securities and Makey Pub woke up on Tuesday morning to a flaming inferno that has left loses valued in several thousands of Ghana cedis.

Eyewitnesses say the fire started from one of the kiosks belonging to the son of the landlord of the burnt pub- Makey Pub.

There are suspicions from residents that the fire may have been started by arsonists.  According to them, the new landowner had tried to pay the tenants to vacate the land, but they had refused.

The ensuing fire however consumed properties that extended beyond the contentious land.

As at press, police and fire officers have swarmed the scene to investigate the cause.


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